If you ever had a pet you must know what it’s like. The special connection between you and your loved one. This story is about that unique bond. It is based on my own personal experience.

This short film was created using Blender and the post production was done in After Effects. This was my graduation project from my animation course at IAC.



I based this story on my beloved dog who passed away last April. She spent 15 and a half wonderful years with me and my family. After she passed away, it took a while getting used to life without her. It felt like she was always around, when in reality she wasn’t really there any more. In a sense, this is a way to say goodbye.

Partial Modeling, Animation, Compositing: Myself (Shai Getzoff)

Character Model: VMComix
Dog Model: 1ard
Main Tree Model: ogbog

Music: Lights & Motion- Epilogue