Portfolio Masonry Boxed

My Proposal


I proposed to my girlfriend, she said yes ๐Ÿ™‚

Proposal & Animation By: Shai Getzoff (Myself)
Design By: Barel Toledano
Music By: Ciao Ferraz



City of Soul


Jerusalem, the city I was born in.
A city with profound meaning to so many people throughout the history of time.

I spent 3 months photographing the city. Seeking for special moments which stood out in my daily routine.
Showing that this city is free and alive, even if sometimes it seems like itโ€™s not.

Staff award winer of the “Inspired by Israel” video contest.

Voice: Hadas Simon



Tiny Little Miracle


Going through infertility is one of the hardest journeys a person can go through.

Sharing the emotions and feelings involved especially not easy.

Knowing that I manage to express myself best through film making, my wife encouraged me to create this short film. Itโ€™s a film about the pain and the hope.

About opening up and realizing that weโ€™re not alone.

I hope this helps those who identify with the feelings and provides a little awareness into infertility and IVF.




Following a womanโ€™s journey in which she loses all what she had and who she was, โ€œMissingโ€, explores the meaning of memory, life and love.

This film is dedicated to my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s, and was the inspiration for this film.

Director: Shai Getzoff
Modeling, Animation & Editing: Shai Getzoff
Music Score: Daniel Markovich
Additional Animation: Aviram Sharfi
Production Assistance: Barel Toledano
Prop Models: Clock- Wig42, Teddy Bear- Noetie, Toy Train- dzerbs, Horse & Box- GLGraffixx, Desk and Chair- Pharion, Book- mcswainy

Created as a graduation project at Hadassah Academic College.


This Moment


“A Face. The Day. A Memory”
Beit Avi Chai

Barel Toledano and I had the honor to create a short film in memory of Noam Goldman who was killed in the Second Lebonese War in 2006.

The film is based on texts that Noam himself wrote throughout his life, and expresses his love for cooking and for life.

The short film is part of “A Face. The Day. A Memory”, an artistic commemorative project initiated by Beit Avi Chai.

The project highlights the memory ofย the lives of fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror through short, animated films.



Sipur Am

During 2016, Beit Avi Chai hosted a festival called โ€œSipur Amโ€.

The festival celebrated various cultures and their contribution to Israeli society. I filmed those events and created a short film summarizing the festival.