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My Proposal She said yes
City of Soul Jerusalem Video
Tiny Little Miracle Personal Project
Missing Final Project
This Moment In memory of Noam Goldman
Sipur Am Festival at Beit Avi Chai
6 FEET Animation Short
Ten Gav Tzdaka Gift Card
Eye of Nature Film Festival
Saorsa Short Film
Nefesh B'Nefesh Aliya Inspired
Yad Vashem A Year at Yad Vashem
Ministry of Education 2020 Opening Animated Video
Ministry of Education 2018 Facebook Cover Video
Nefesh B'Nefesh Charter Flights
Pat Bamelach Dear Rosh Tzurim
King George St. Jerusalem Day Video
Strigo Promotional Video
Ministry of Education Teacher's Day 2020
Pat Bamelach Crackers Video
Ministry of Education Advanced Learning Environments
Ministry of Education Web Safety Week 2021
Amit Education Network Promotional Video
Kramer Glass Promotional Video
Feed Israel Covid 19 Support
Song of the Heart Short Documentary
Neta Design Promotional Video
Wings of Wind Short Documentary
Piyut Festival Festival at Beit Avi Chai
Lactose-Free Milk Ad Motion Graphics Commercial
Urban Nature Video Diary
Nature & Landscape Photo Highlights
Food Photography Photo Highlights
People & Events Projects and Work
Backwards Video Clip
Interview Bird Photography