My Proposal


I proposed to my girlfriend, she said yes 🙂

Proposal & Animation By: Shai Getzoff (Myself)
Design By: Barel Toledano
Music By: Ciao Ferraz


Tiny Little Miracle


Going through infertility is one of the hardest journeys a person can go through.

Sharing the emotions and feelings involved especially not easy.

Knowing that I manage to express myself best through film making, my wife encouraged me to create this short film. It’s a film about the pain and the hope.

About opening up and realizing that we’re not alone.

I hope this helps those who identify with the feelings and provides a little awareness into infertility and IVF.



Following a woman’s journey in which she loses all what she had and who she was, “Missing”, explores the meaning of memory, life and love.

This film is dedicated to my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s, and was the inspiration for this film.

Director: Shai Getzoff
Modeling, Animation & Editing: Shai Getzoff
Music Score: Daniel Markovich
Additional Animation: Aviram Sharfi
Production Assistance: Barel Toledano
Prop Models: Clock- Wig42, Teddy Bear- Noetie, Toy Train- dzerbs, Horse & Box- GLGraffixx, Desk and Chair- Pharion, Book- mcswainy

Created as a graduation project at Hadassah Academic College.

This Moment


“A Face. The Day. A Memory”
Beit Avi Chai

Barel Toledano and I had the honor to create a short film in memory of Noam Goldman who was killed in the Second Lebonese War in 2006.

The film is based on texts that Noam himself wrote throughout his life, and expresses his love for cooking and for life.

The short film is part of “A Face. The Day. A Memory”, an artistic commemorative project initiated by Beit Avi Chai.

The project highlights the memory of the lives of fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror through short, animated films.




If you ever had a pet you must know what it’s like. The special connection between you and your loved one. This story is about that unique bond. It is based on my own personal experience.

This short film was created using Blender and the post production was done in After Effects. This was my graduation project from my animation course at IAC.



I based this story on my beloved dog who passed away last April. She spent 15 and a half wonderful years with me and my family. After she passed away, it took a while getting used to life without her. It felt like she was always around, when in reality she wasn’t really there any more. In a sense, this is a way to say goodbye.

Partial Modeling, Animation, Compositing: Myself (Shai Getzoff)

Character Model: VMComix
Dog Model: 1ard
Main Tree Model: ogbog

Music: Lights & Motion- Epilogue

Ten Gav – Tzdaka Gift Card

I teamed up with Barel Toledano to create this animation video for Ten Gav, an organization that helps needy Israeli families in Israel.

Visit their website and help!

Since the original video, we’ve created another version and an animated GIF for the Hanukkah holiday.


Eye of Nature

For a school project we were asked to create a promo for a film festival.
I decided to create a festival dedicated to nature films called “Eye of Nature”

For the promo I took still images I had captured over the years and “brought them to life”.


This is the story about man and nature.

“Saorsa” is an ancient Scottish word for “Freedom”,
Something all of us- man and animal, strive to achieve.
Sometimes, us humans, take it away from others.


This film is my first take at combining 3D Animation and video.
The animation and rendering were done in Blender, Compositing in AE.
It was created as my final project of my “Post Production” course.


Filming, Editing, Rendering & Compositing: Myself (Shai Getzoff)

Acting & Voice: Hadas Simon
Camera Assitants: Dani Schoenfled & Daniella Getzoff
Sound Assistance: Daniel Markovich
Mentor: Snow R. Shai

3D Model: der_On
Music: Remix- Light & Motion- Silver Lining
Cesc Vilà – Everdream

3D Showreel

A collection of 3D projects I worked on over the year of 2016.
All the projects were created in Blender.

A Year at Yad Vashem

I had the honor to take part in a project for “Yad Vashem”.

This video summarizes a year and lifetime worth of activities and contributions Yad Vashem makes in memory of those lost in the Holocaust.

Produced by Kesher Video, formerly known as Jankovic Productions.