City of Soul


Jerusalem, the city I was born in.
A city with profound meaning to so many people throughout the history of time.

I spent 3 months photographing the city. Seeking for special moments which stood out in my daily routine.
Showing that this city is free and alive, even if sometimes it seems like it’s not.

Staff award winer of the “Inspired by Israel” video contest.

Voice: Hadas Simon


Sipur Am

During 2016, Beit Avi Chai hosted a festival called “Sipur Am”.

The festival celebrated various cultures and their contribution to Israeli society. I filmed those events and created a short film summarizing the festival.

Eye of Nature

For a school project we were asked to create a promo for a film festival.
I decided to create a festival dedicated to nature films called “Eye of Nature”

For the promo I took still images I had captured over the years and “brought them to life”.


This is the story about man and nature.

“Saorsa” is an ancient Scottish word for “Freedom”,
Something all of us- man and animal, strive to achieve.
Sometimes, us humans, take it away from others.


This film is my first take at combining 3D Animation and video.
The animation and rendering were done in Blender, Compositing in AE.
It was created as my final project of my “Post Production” course.


Filming, Editing, Rendering & Compositing: Myself (Shai Getzoff)

Acting & Voice: Hadas Simon
Camera Assitants: Dani Schoenfled & Daniella Getzoff
Sound Assistance: Daniel Markovich
Mentor: Snow R. Shai

3D Model: der_On
Music: Remix- Light & Motion- Silver Lining
Cesc Vilà – Everdream

3D Showreel

A collection of 3D projects I worked on over the year of 2016.
All the projects were created in Blender.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Spotlights

During March 2021, Nefesh B’Nefesh started a campaign called “Aliya Inspired” promoting Aliya to Israel.
I was asked to produce a series of 10 spotlight videos, highlighting different Olim and their Aliya stories.

Filmed & Edited: Myself (Shai Getzoff)
Additional Videography 1: Daniel Jankovic 
Additional Videography 2: Josh Fleisher 

A Year at Yad Vashem

I had the honor to take part in a project for “Yad Vashem”.

This video summarizes a year and lifetime worth of activities and contributions Yad Vashem makes in memory of those lost in the Holocaust.

Produced by Kesher Video, formerly known as Jankovic Productions.

Ministry of Education

The following video was created for the Ministry of Educations Facebook’s cover video.

Nefesh B’Nefesh

In the summer of 2022 I got a glimpse of what it is like to make Aliyah.
I was honored to join and document the 63rd charter flight of Nefesh B’Nefesh to Israel, full of 225 new olim. In was an exciting and emotional journey, all summed up in the short highlights video I created.
Thank you to everyone at Nefesh B’Nefesh for bringing me on this journey!
In 2023 I was honored to create once again the video for the annual summer flight.

Pat Bamelach- Dear Rosh Tzurim

I had the honor to create a goodbye video for the Rosh Tzurim branch of the bakery “Pat Bamelach“.

It was an emotional ending in order to celebrate the bakery’s new beginnings.

Thank you to Devorah and David Katz for giving me the opportunity to create this piece.