Eye of Nature

For a school project we were asked to create a promo for a film festival.
I decided to create a festival dedicated to nature films called “Eye of Nature”

For the promo I took still images I had captured over the years and “brought them to life”.


Nature & Landscape

My main passion in the field of photography is nature and landscape photography.
Our world is a marvelous place. Sometimes we forget it during our busy schedules. Once in a while, all it takes is for us to open our eyes and look around. There is so much out there we tend to miss.

In my nature photographs I strive to represent nature’s beauty. To show the world what a special place we live in. I try to catch unusual scenes and moments usually unnoticed by the naked eye.

I especially enjoy photographing birds. Watching how they live and react to one another and their surrounds.

A larger gallery of my photos can be viewed HERE.

Follow me on 500px, one of the largest photography websites on the web- 500PX.

* Prints of the photographs are available on canvas or on special wood. Contact me for details.

People & Events

I also photograph people and events.

I’ve done several studio projects as well as different types of events from bar / bat mitzvahs to engagement parties.

Olam Katan

In April 2015, an interview with me about bird photography was published in the newsletter “Olam Katan” (In Hebrew).

In the interview I discuss how I got interested in bird photography, where and how it’s done and some tips for those getting started.

The interview was created by Mordy Miller.
You can see the higher resolution file on his blog- Mord-D.